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AutoDrop Eyedrop Guide for Safe Eyedrop Application


This device clips on the top of most eye drop bottles and positions the bottle at the correct angle over the eye. The applicator holds the eye open while directing the drops for easy, accurate and safe eyedrop application.  A special cup helps prevent the eye closing, by keeping the lower lid open. A pinhole directs vision away from the incoming drops, helping stop reflex blinking.

For people who find applying eyedrops effectively difficult, this is the ideal aid to make the process simpler. It is also great help for people with tremors or limited hand-eye coordination. The guide keeps the eyedrops steady as medication is dispensed to ensure no spillage occurs. Reusable after cleaning.

Note: Due to federal and state food, health and safety laws, this item cannot be returned once opened.


  • Allows easy and accurate eyedrop application
  • Holds eye open while applying eyedrops
  • Fits most eyedrop bottles
  • Great for everyone
  • Reusable and easy to clean


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